Vegetable meat is a meat alternative made from plant ingredients such as peas, soybeans, mushrooms, wheat, and other plant proteins. This type of meat completely eliminates the use of animal products in its production. Visually, vegetable meat resembles animal meat but contains no cholesterol, parasites, antibiotics, or hormones. Due to its lower fat content, plant-based meat also has fewer calories than animal one.

According to recent data, about 8% of the global population does not consume meat. Over the last five years, the demand for vegetable meat substitutes has increased by 257% in the USA. 66% of Americans report feeling better after eliminating red meat from their diet, and 31% of Americans practice meat-free days due to health concerns.

Vegetable alternative to meat is becoming increasingly popular not only globally but also in Ukraine. It has become easier and more accessible to buy plant-based meat in Ukraine. Due to audience interest in such type of food, the menu at ЇDLO now includes dishes with vegetable meat, specifically "Vegan sausages and potatoes" and "Moroccan couscous and vegan kebab".

In "Vegan sausages and potatoes", the vegetable sausages are gluten-free and made from pea protein. These sausages have a "chopped meat" texture and their color and taste are very similar to Bavarian original ones. As always, they contain no colorants or harmful additives!

In "Moroccan couscous and vegan kebab", the plant-based kebab is made from soy and pea protein. It includes spices such as onion, basil, turmeric, marjoram, garlic, and coriander, offering an enticing Eastern aroma. To enjoy these dishes, you just need to pour boiling water over them. Minimal effort for maximum flavor.

You must try them! You can order on our website or purchase them at any outdoor shop. Soon, we will offer even more dishes with vegetable meat substitutes.

Our plant-based meals were recognized by the jury at ISPO 2023, the leading award in the outdoor equipment industry! The international community appreciated not only the high taste qualities of the dish but also the fact that ЇDLO works with completely natural products, free from colorants and preservatives. Along with ЇDLO, such brands as The North Face, Mammut, Patagonia, Adidas, Helly Hansen, Oakley, and Jack Wolfskin also received this award in 2023.

ISPO is the largest annual international exhibition of outdoor brands in Munich. At this exhibition, more than 1600 exhibitors present their most innovative, technological, and sometimes revolutionary achievements and new products.