Bars are an energy powerhouse, making them the ideal snack for hikes and intense physical activity. They're easy to munch on the move, providing that extra boost before the final push – the last 500 meters to the summit or any challenge the guide conveniently forgot to mention. And there's nothing like savoring an IDLO bar with tea or coffee while taking in the view of Chornohora…

IDLO bars are crafted from 100% natural ingredients. No shortcuts with ground oatmeal or puffed rice to cut costs or add volume – just carefully selected dried fruits, berries, and nuts.

OMNOM energy bars are the brainchild of fellow travelers, designed for travelers, and they won't crumble in your bag. Forget the sorry state of a Snickers bar in your backpack, resembling our bear's puke, or the winter struggle of biting into that rock-solid Snickers. That's not the OMNOM experience!

Compact and lightweight at only 50 g per bar, OMNOM bars are a favored snack that packs a punch! They deliver a consistent energy boost without the rollercoaster ride. Prepare to be surprised by 12 distinct and unconventional OMNOM flavors!
Whether you're hiking in the mountains, cycling, skiing, snowboarding, driving, or just indulging because you can – bring OMNOM bars along for the adventure.


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