IDLO stands as a leading travel food brand in Ukraine. Over the past seven years, we've pioneered this market, offering not just quick meals but a complete catering system tailored for various journeys. Despite emerging competitors, IDLO continues to lead, excelling in top-notch quality, a diverse selection, ongoing innovation, social engagement, and favorable collaboration terms.
Whether you're interested in retailing IDLO products in your store or providing food for tourist groups, we're eager to establish a mutually beneficial partnership, offering:
- competitive wholesale pricing and favorable business terms
- an extensive assortment, spanning breakfasts, soups, meat and meatless main courses, snacks, beverages, and accessories
- effective marketing support
- communication marked by understanding, positivity, and a common language :)
If you're keen on exploring this opportunity, simply drop us an email at export [at] with the subject "partnership" or give us a call at +38 (066) 2107334.
We're thrilled about the prospect of collaborating with you!