IDLO, a delightful assortment of dried and freeze-dried foods, is made exclusively from natural ingredients, offering a comprehensive menu that includes cereals, soups, main courses, drinks, snacks, and bars – a selection of over 30 options! No fuss with cooking utensils; simply add boiling water and enjoy straight from the pack! Ideal for the perpetually lazy, the weary, and the always-on-the-go, IDLO delivers a taste experience that soars to the heights of Hoverla.

Our menu rivals the diversity of any restaurant! Picture this: buckwheat, granola, banana mash, bulgur, polenta, couscous, potatoes, and more. Whether you prefer turkey, chicken, and cheese, or opt for the vegetarian route with mushrooms and veggies, we've got you covered. Soups take the spotlight, offering a gastronomic delight with options like borsch, gazpacho, kharcho, and cream soups. Even the fussiest eaters, like mum's picky princesses, will find something to relish!

Each dish category flaunts its seasonal colors: spring green for breakfasts, summer red for main courses, autumn brown for soups, and winter blue for snacks and drinks. The playful bear on the pack is eager to join your seasonal adventures. Compact and lightweight, it takes up minimal space in your backpack.

Gone are the days when food took up the bulk of your backpack – with IDLO's complete tourist ration, you can embark on any hike with ease. Our product has also proven itself as an excellent choice for military rations over the past year.

And, of course, let's not forget the bars! Brace your taste buds for an explosion of original flavors: bitey fudge, frosty mint, raging buckthorn, heady hemp, speedy mango – each of the 12 bars is a taste bomb!

No need to scramble for the perfect food for your journey. IDLO has taken care of everything, saving you time. We've crafted a comprehensive food system – nourishing, wholesome, natural, and endlessly delightful!

Just pull out a rectangular packet in your chosen color, tear it open, pour boiling water up to the special mark on the ruler inside the packet (yes, we've got that covered!), let it steep for a bit, and relish it with gusto, as if it were a good old camping bowl that you don't have to lug around and wash afterward.

Rest easy knowing the product is 100% natural, healthy, with no preservatives or artificial colors. Through freeze-drying and drying, we preserve the taste and appearance of our products. No need to fret about health consequences.

So, savor the moment without unnecessary worries because life is beautiful. Our food bear ensures you leave no trace in the mountains – collect and recycle the packaging, abstain from driving jeeps, and avoid swimming in Nesamovyte.