Kutia is special for Ukraine, being a ritual meal as well as the most important dish of the Holy Supper. All its components are symbolic in two ways: whole wheat signifies the earth as a source of fertility and resurrection or eternal life; honey and poppy stand for earthly prosperity and sweet life in paradise; nuts for health, raisins for well-being, and porridge as a whole for abundance and procreation. And the more delicious you make it, the wealthier your family will be!

Proudly made in Ukraine by freeze-drying the ready-made meal.

Ingredients: freeze-dried kutia (100%): wheat, raisins, walnuts, honey, poppy seeds.

Cooking instructions: open the pack, remove an oxygen absorber, add boiling water between levels 2 and 3 on the ruler inside, stir well, zip the pack, and wait for 10 minutes. Add boiling water, if necessary. Don't panic if you nibbled an absorber, it's absolutely safe.

Net weight: 100 g
Prepared weight: 280 g

per 100 g of prepared dish / per portion

157,1 / 439,8 Кcаl

per 100 g of prepared dish / per portion

4,3 / 11,9 g

per 100 g of prepared dish / per portion

5,1 / 14,4 g

per 100 g of prepared dish / per portion

19,3 / 54,0 g
Shelf life: 3 years
вирішили з дружиною відсвяткувати святвечір в аутдорі. сублімована кутя від «ЇDLO» стала чудовим доповненням до святкового пікніку!) дуже гарно смакує. мало чим відрізняється від традиційної куті домашнього приготування 🙂
ця кутя доповнила наш Різдвяний стіл в часі експедичії в Еквадорі - по домашньому смачно!
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Festive kutia

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